Vision for a New Shop Space

I have a vision for a new Community Shop Space here in Albuquerque. I am creating this vision of expanding the Dovetail Community Workshop and Veterans Woodworking Workshop. 

I see a new location for the Dovetail Community Workshop and Expanding Veterans Woodworking Workshop to reach out to the Community, the public, and veterans. 

I see a building of about 40,000 square feet. Of the 40,000 square feet, there is a 10,000 square foot open shop space with areas for three Saw Stop table saws, two sliding bevel chop saws, four bandsaws (two 12 in and two 14 in resaws), four lathes (two 16-inch and two 12-1/4 inch) variable speed laths, and two each of the following: Drill Presses, Mortising Machines, drum sanders (24 and 36 inches), Planners, Scroll Saws, and Jointers. Central Dust collection that will support all of these machines. We have ten workbenches, four assembly tables for daily use, and an eight-foot-square finishing—a Room for CNC machines and training on how to use CNC. 

Two classrooms will hold 125 people in individual seating for presentations. These classrooms have two large screens on which the presenter can be projected using a camera system that gives all viewers a close-up of the presentation. One classroom also has nine Sjoberg Elite Workbenches and nine Robust Sweet 16 Lathes. In this room, classes on all different aspects of woodworking can be held. These classes can be used to host professionals of their craft where anyone in the public can attend. Classes can be held, and members cannot be interrupted when they want to work on personal projects in the shop. 

Hosting Veterans Day in the shop is another activity that can be held in the classroom. Students can work on community projects and create a space for healing and connecting with fellow veterans. I want to have the Veterans Woodworking nonprofit a part of this to work in conjunction with the Veterans Affairs to work with veterans working to heal from PTSD and other challenges from their service. 

We have 16 Private Studio Spaces, 15 of which are 12 x 15 feet and one of which is 30 x 30 feet. These are all for rent by local artisans. 

I see an attached woodworking store that carries many of the standard woodworking supplies for members and the community of woodworkers to purchase. The revenue supports the building and shop. We have a wood store run by a local business where members and the community can purchase quality materials for their projects. 

I would like an investment account supporting the operations through growth on the principle. The principle of the investment is never touched. We are paying staff to open the facilities seven days a week.