March 2024 Veterans Day in the Shop

What a day we had. We had 17 Flag Cases in various stages of completion, and we had to cut the glass in a triangle to fit the openings. Some people cut pieces to hold the glass in place and support the back. Finally, cut the trim for the back side to hold the case together. These flag cases have been processed by many different veterans each month. 

Each month, we have veterans, sometimes ones who have been there before and many times new ones. We are building these flag boxes that will go to Santa Fe National Cemetary for families that receive the "Flag" when a family veteran is interned at the cemetery. That way, they will have a case for the flag they just received to display it properly rather than sitting on a shelf or drawer collecting dust bunnies. 

Next month, April 14th, from Noon to 4 pm, we will finish the cases that need to be finished and start new ones. 

Veterans in New Mexico making flag cases for veterans to honor those who served.